solid floor

solid-wood floor

1. See plank-on-edge-floor. 2. A floor of wood block.
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Nothing was spared but the solid floors and the finely-carved ceilings.
Stephen Innes, head of trading at SPI Asset Management, said the producer group "will want to avoid at all cost oil prices surging to levels that will trigger demand devastation, (while) it is clearly in OPEC's best interest to maintain a solid floor on prices".
waivers on Iranian crude, along with sanctions on Venezuela, may well put a fairly solid floor under crude prices going forward.
For the Cougars (12-15), those performances, plus solid floor games off the bench from Zack Chenault and Ranier Roque, proved particularly gratifying.
The enthusiastic coach does give ample instructions but you may need some time to get used to the sensation of being on a trampoline instead of a solid floor. There's a tendency for you to cut the momentum, when really you should go with it so it's easier to transition from one move to the next.
Palladium's 20pc fall from its January record high has put the metal in bear market territory, but strong chart support and tightness in the underlying market suggest it has hit a solid floor more than 40pc above its 10-year average.
Oh yeah, that stool already has a solid floor under it, made up of volunteers who just went to help and didn't need to be asked.
The solid floor allows equipment to be placed more easily than is the case with a fully anechoic facility.
It looked like it might not happen for Great Britain heading into the final rotation at Glasgow's SSE Hydro but some solid floor work from Purvis and Max Whitlock saw them edge out China and claim an historic result - Japan holding on for gold.
But you're hearing noise through a solid floor. To solve the problem, the specification for this type of work is far too expensive for it to be practicable.