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Grows next to ragweed and is the antidote plant to ragweed. People think they are allergic to goldenrod, but it's actually the ragweed right next to it causing the allergies. Canada exports tons of goldenrod to Europe and the U.K. for allergies because it doesn't normally grow in Europe. It is a great herb for allergies, hay fever, colic and gas. The seeds are a food source. Flowers can be chewed for sore throats. Antiinflammatory. Used for urinary system, kidneys, stones. Used in douche for yeast infections. To use, harvest the flower right when it's young and starting and make tea with it. The young tiny yellow flower cluster has a pleasant anise-like flavor, but the older bigger flower cluster has a bitter taste. You can still use the older flowers for the antiallergy benefit, but it just doesn't taste very good. Flowers, leaves and seeds are used. There are 100 species. Can grow up to 7 ft tall! (2.3m)
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