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see SurakartaSurakarta
or Soerakarta
, city (1990 pop. 503,827), on central Java, Indonesia, on the Solo River. Connected by rail with Surabaya and Jakarta, it is a trade center for an area producing tobacco, rice, and sugar.
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, Indonesia.
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a river in Indonesia, the largest river on the island of Java. Approximately 540 km long, the river drains an area of about 17,000 sq km. It originates on the slopes of the Lawu and Merapi volcanoes and flows primarily through a wide and often marshy valley. In its lower course the river meanders sharply and empties into the Java Sea. High water occurs from October through May and causes heavy flooding. The Solo is navigable for 200 km; the lower course has been straightened and canalized. The river valley is densely populated and cultivated. The cities of Solo (former name Surakarta), Cepu, and Bojonegoro are on the Solo. In the period 1931–33 remains of Palaeonthropus (Solo man) were found on the riverbank at the village of Ngandong.



(1) In a musical work written for more than one voice, a part or section having special melodic expressiveness and significance and performed by a single singer or instrumentalist (in some instances, by several musicians).

(2) A piece written for a single instrument with or without accompaniment.

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A flight in which a pilot is the sole occupant of the aircraft.
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1. a musical composition for one performer with or without accompaniment
2. any of various card games in which each person plays on his own instead of in partnership with another, such as solo whist
3. a flight in which an aircraft pilot is unaccompanied
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[SOL (Semantic Operating Language) + LOGO]. A variant of LOGO with primitives for dealing with semantic networks and pattern matching rather than lists.

["A User-Friendly Software Environment for the Novice Programmer", M. Eisenstadt <>, CACM 27(12):1056-1064 (1983)].
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No Estado de MG, a densidade do solo media das amostras coletadas foi de 1,17, 1,16 e 1,08 Mg [m.sup.-3] para as camadas superficial, intermediaria e inferior do perfil dos solos irrigados amostrados, respectivamente (Figura 3).
Com excecao das areas amostradas em MG, em que os valores de densidade do solo da camada superficial e intermediaria nao diferiram estatisticamente, os solos amostrados apresentaram valores de densidade do solo mais elevados na camada superficial, diferindo estatisticamente das demais camadas do perfil do solo (Figura 3); a maior densidade do solo na camada superficial pode ser explicada pelo maior trafego de maquinas e equipamentos necessarios ao manejo do solo e das culturas e ao pisoteio de animais nas areas em que se utiliza a integracao lavoura-pecuaria, o que, entretanto nao se observou em MG devido, possivelmente, ao revolvimento do solo das areas amostradas, realizado no cultivo anterior.
Audition includes: Ballet, modern, prepared solo. Bring: Resume, dance photo, cued music for solo.
Audition includes: Ballet, modern, prepared solo. Bring: Resume, dance photo, videotape of adagio, turns, small jumps, large jumps.
This collection of seven solos encompasses a wide range of styles, tempos, keys and meters.
This collection of compositions for piano solos spans four centuries, including a rarely heard piece by Gottchalk's sister, Clara.
Christmas Festival: 9 Carol Arrangements for Solo Piano, by Chris Lobdell.
Christmas Festival: 7 Carol Arrangements for Solo Piano, by Beatrice Miller.
In retrospect, he explains, "It isn't possible to teach someone how to perform solo works.
Whitener thought that the solo program might be ideal to introduce his dancers and audiences to the work of Anna Sokolow.
Portanto, todas as revistas cientificas estudadas apresentam alta qualidade cientifica na area de Ciencia do Solo.
Assim, os periodicos estudados estao disponiveis na biblioteca eletronica SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online), a partir do numero publicado nos anos de 2003, 1999, 1992 e 1997, para a Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo, Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira, Scientia Agricola e Bragantia, respectivamente.