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solvency, solvent power

The degree to which a solvent holds a resin or other paint binder in solution, or reduces its viscosity.
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Committed to delivering sustainable value to customers, Invoke continues to enhance the alignment of its solutions with the emerging regulatory use-cases presented by paradigm shifts such as Solvency II.
Some countries are eyeing equivalence as a way to develop a consistent, risk-based solvency regime and reporting requirements for the insurance sector.
The Tagetik pre-packaged solution for Solvency II helped us create one main source for reporting," added Martin Hemmen, Finance & Solvency II project manager, Stichting Menzis Beheer.
As IFRS 4 Phase II proposals and Solvency II are both based on same central model for the liabilities measurement using current estimates of fulfilling cash flows, hence it makes sense for insurers to be forward thinking while implementing IFRS 4 Phase II proposal and identify synergies in implementation together with other related system and process updates," he added.
British insurers are also keen to influence the criteria under Solvency II for recognising other countries' capital regimes, amid fears too strict an approach could penalise companies, such as Prudential and Aviva, with big U.
Some have suggested that "Own Risk and Solvency Assessments" seem redundant.
The idea of consolidated solvency margin regulations has emerged since U.
Working with Magellan we can implement changes needed by the Solvency II Directive at the IT level to ensure insurance companies meet the necessary requirements on time," says Kali Bagary, Managing Director of JMR UK Consulting.
Solvency: Models, Assessment and Regulation is a timely and thorough historical analysis of the recent European work on solvency and financial strength, and related accounting issues, with particular emphasis on risk categorizations proposed by the International Actuarial Association.
Secondly, if you point out to the broker that reporting on solvency in this situation would be unethical or that a request requiting examining a personal balance sheet and earnings forecast would be expensive, the broker may exert pressure by threatening to suggest the client change CPAs.
These two new requirements will ensure plan solvency by guaranteeing that all stakeholders are involved in decisions impacting the solvency of their plans.
Relatively strong market returns and a slight upward move in interest rates contributed to an increase in average funding and solvency ratios for corporate and public pension funds last year, and drove endowment assets' growth rate to 7.