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solvency, solvent power

The degree to which a solvent holds a resin or other paint binder in solution, or reduces its viscosity.
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Houlihan Lokey rejected overtures from Tribune around March 2007 to provide a solvency opinion labeling Zell s takeover financially sound, the people told the paper.
The solvency margin is a buffer in a company's assets covering its liabilities.
The first main section of the book presents a historical perspective of the approaches, research, and theory underlying the initial directives for EU solvency and accounting, beginning with those undertaken among several member states of the predecessor European Economic Community (i.e., "Solvency 0").
Although 61% of 54 large European insurers E&Y surveyed see Solvency II as a means to improve all facets of their risk management, many said they were far short of being ready.
In fact, there were no significant changes in this indicator and the solvency of the population did not increase.
At the end of June 2019, Sampo's solvency ratio, according to the Solvency II directive, amounted to 137%.
The strengthening of the solvency is notably the result of an efficient cash collection, resulting in a reduction of more than 50 per cent of the net receivables and an increase of the free cash flow of over AED400mn, de-risking investment portfolio as well as reserves strengthening, he said.
Our comprehensive Solvency II solution was recognized for helping insurers meet the calculation, data, and reporting requirements of Solvency II.
A significant development in insurance regulation is the European Union's issuance of a directive in 2009 to reduce the incidence of insolvency, called the Solvency II Directive.
The state ranked 38th for its amount of debt, or trust fund solvency. According to the report, New Jersey revenues only cover 89 percent of expenses and long-term liabilities.
They involved weaknesses in corporate governance frameworks relating to their internal reporting and internal controls in respect of Solvency II requirements.
'For the avoidance of doubt, Section 24(2) of the Insurance Act 2003 stipulates that the solvency margin of an Insurer shall not be 'less than 15 per centum of the gross premium income less reinsurance premiums paid out during the year under review or the minimum paid-up capital whichever is greater'.