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solvency, solvent power

The degree to which a solvent holds a resin or other paint binder in solution, or reduces its viscosity.
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The approval authorises the firm to use a partial internal model to calculate the solvency capital requirement at group level, as well as the solvency capital requirements for its main Italian and German insurance companies, for the non-life French companies and for Czech company, Ceska Pojistovna.
The EIOPA recognised this in its recently published guidelines on preparing for Solvency II, when it stated that it had taken on board the request by "many stakeholders" for more clarity on the submission of information.
CIRC is asking interested parties to send comments on the new draft to its Solvency Supervision Department, through the CIRC Electronic Document Delivery System.
The central bank said that Romania's banking sector is liquid and has a significantly higher solvency ratio than the European average.
The mutual equivalence recognition of the solvency regulatory regimes between the two places will promote the development of the insurance industry on both sides and encourage cross-border business.
a) that company was solvent by the end of year 2011, and adherence of minimum solvency requirement at all times before notice; (b) that the Management of the company had adopted and undertook that the minimum solvency requirement as laid down by the laws should be fulfilled; and should take care to adherence of the applicable laws, rules in that regard in future; (c) that the company also took remedial measurement to come up to meet the shortfall by injecting new-equity; and disposing of its properties and investments in associated (companies) to bring the company's solvency position as required by law, [pp.
insurance regulatory system, the United States will not submit to the EU's formal Solvency II equivalence process to assess and rule on the adequacy of the U.
An overview of the Solvency II Directive, and discusses important features in terms of capital adequacy, supervision and disclosure.
But 20 of the CO-OPs still have untapped solvency credit reserves.
The Bank of England on Friday revealed that the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has published its final rules setting out how it will implement the Solvency II Directive (Solvency II) in the UK.