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A reaction in which a solvent reacts with the solute to form a new substance.
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a double-decomposition chemical reaction between a solute and solvent that proceeds according to an ionic mechanism. The reaction results in the formation of new compounds. Solvolysis may be reversible (in self-ionizing liquids) or irreversible. In certain solvents it is designated by special terms, for example, hydrolysis in water, alcoholysis in alcohols, and ammonolysis in ammonia.

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It is well known that during a PUR glycolysis process, a solvolytic agent reacts with polyurethane bonds and mainly polyol component (used for the foam preparation) is recovered (Fig.
Neoalkoxy titanates reportedly provide increased thermal and solvolytic stability.
One-stage upgrading processes such as liquefaction via solvolysis, high-pressure liquefaction, catalytic hydroliquefaction, hydrotreating, steam/water liquefaction, ironcatalysed pressurized aqueous pyrolysis, thermochemical solvolytic processes at elevated temperature used to be mainly conducted in autoclave-type reactors.
This difficulty is further compounded by our inability to fully isolate or characterize, by solvolytic or spectroscopic methods, lignin and ligninmatrix structures in cell walls.
Beside the different methods of recycling polymer, chemical recycling is mainly important and applied in the case of post consumer polycondensates, which are very susceptible to solvolytic chain cleavage.