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see growth hormonegrowth hormone
or somatotropin
, glycoprotein hormone released by the anterior pituitary gland that is necessary for normal skeletal growth in humans (see protein).
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The growth hormone of the pituitary gland.
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1999 Report on Animal Welfare Aspects of Bovine Somatotrophin,, (March, 2000).
The New Year was hardly a week old when a 21-year-old Chinese swimmer, Yuan Yuan, was stopped by Australian custom officials at Sydney Airport en route to the World Championships and found to have enough of the growth hormone Somatotrophin to supply a full team.
Bovine growth hormone, also known as BGH or recombinant Bovine Somatotrophin (rBST), is a genetically-engineered synthetic drug which makes cows produce 20 to 25 percent more milk.

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