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, summersault
a. a forward roll in which the head is placed on the ground and the trunk and legs are turned over it
b. a similar roll in a backward direction
2. an acrobatic feat in which either of these rolls are performed in midair, as in diving or gymnastics
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a circus stunt and one of the most common elements of floor acrobatics and gymnastics. A somersault is a jump in which the heels are turned over the head as the body rotates in the air; it is executed without support. There are forward, backward, and side somersaults. Somersaults may also be classified as single or double.

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The source said it was when the soldiers opened fire on their vehicle that the driver lost control, causing the vehicle to somersault.
His second pass included round off into a double twisting double straight somersault into three whips flicks into a concluding triple piked somersault.
Luton goalscorer Kazenga LuaLua does a somersault after firing Luton 3-0 in front
he's to He with somersaults Diane, 36, of Wardley, Gateshead, also mum to seven-year-old son Sam, said: "It was when he was out and about with nana that he came across trampolining.
The Mizoram footballer passed away at the Aizawl Civil Hospital, where he was admitted for five days, after injuring his spinal cord when his somersault went awfully wrong as he landed on his head.
Daley has had trouble when it comes to the "twister" - a back two-and-a-half somersault with two-and-a-half twists - and scored just 37.80, after landing with quite a splash, in qualifying.
2, 4, 6 are listed the results of the average values of body segments position of key elements in Yurchenko vault with back tucked, pike and layout somersault.
By the halfway stage, Chong had managed a fine effort of 91 points in his reverse 3 EeA' somersault tuck to cut the lead down to ten points.
The veteran striker is dropping his trademark somersault celebration in order to stay fit for the 2014 World Cup.
The 18-year-old survived a scare on Friday night, a poorly executed three-and-a-half somersault fifth dive drew scores of three, leaving him dangling dangerously in 16th, out of a cut of 18.