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, summersault
a. a forward roll in which the head is placed on the ground and the trunk and legs are turned over it
b. a similar roll in a backward direction
2. an acrobatic feat in which either of these rolls are performed in midair, as in diving or gymnastics



a circus stunt and one of the most common elements of floor acrobatics and gymnastics. A somersault is a jump in which the heels are turned over the head as the body rotates in the air; it is executed without support. There are forward, backward, and side somersaults. Somersaults may also be classified as single or double.

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Sam Harris, then 11, was hurt when a much taller 15-year-old caught the left side of his head with a heel while they were somersaulting on the castle in September 2005.
SOMERSAULTING striker Rob Earnshaw plans to stage a masterclass in celebrating goals this season after Manchester United new boy Nani was warned off doing acrobatics.
At Blackweir, on the edge of Pontcanna Fields in Maindy, Cardiff, children had last week been spotted somersaulting into shallow water.
At the end, several silhouetted dancers attached to a "bridge" glide upside down while others flip round the high bars of the scaffolding, somersaulting off neatly and disappearing into the darkness.
A GAY internet millionaire took drugs before somersaulting to his death from a tower block, an inquest was told yesterday.
A SOLO somersaulting diver made a splash for charity by raising more than pounds 900.
Samantha Cornelius, 14, of Caerau, Cardiff, has already taken on somersaulting competition when the Western Leisure Centre took on Fairwater Leisure Centre last year.