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summer, 4: S
1. A horizontal beam supporting the ends of floor joists or resting on posts and supporting the wall above; also called a summertree.
2. Any large timber or beam which serves as a bearing surface.
3. The lintel of a door or window; a breastsummer.
4. A stone laid on a column and serving as a support for construction above, as in the construction of an arch.
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The bear just flat-out charged us," Sommer said Tuesday from a hospital where he is recovering from the attack.
Sommer, who is currently living in Zurich, is hoped to spearhead Bench International's expansion into Europe as well as boost its "Rest of World" presence.
Andre-Pierre Gignac forced Sommer into a low save seven minutes after the break then Griezmann's shot was parried over.
Although details of the final version are not yet known, Sommer said advisors need to think about its impact on clients' retirement accounts, specifically whether clients should leave their 401(k) funds with a former employer or roll them over into an IRA.
After providing a brief history as to personal experiences and what has brought him to write this book, Sommer hits hard at the heart of the matter; the United States has a serious character crisis as demonstrated by the reality that the nation is at the top of the developed world in violent crime activity, rates of imprisonment, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, and teen suicide.
Speaking on the program "European Desk," hosted by Zaman's Brussels representative Selcuk GE-ltaE-ly on the Samanyolu Haber TV channel, Sommer said the government's theory explaining corruption allegations as an attempted judicial coup d'etat was "absolutely not convincing and very ridiculous.
Bjorn Sommer explains: "Our customer's needs are growing when it comes to weight and lifting height.
Sommer has coached the San Jose Sharks' AHL affiliates for 16 seasons.
In this regard, rigorous procedures for selection and appraisal of projects would be especially helpful," Sommer said in an interview with Gulf Times .
Sommer, from Garston, has now had a total of 10 operations on her heart and whilst still suffering from a serious health condition, mum Vanessa told the ECHO of the pride she feels for her daughter.
Sommer said that the results are particularly exciting because both practitioners and coaches in most sports stress on the importance of 'timing', but there are still a few previous scholarly studies on the relationship between motor timing and athletic performance.
Sommer, professor of neurology at the University Clinic of Wtirzburg (Germany).