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6) Intergovernmental organizations (7) (at a joint press conference) raised concerns about the threat of an increase in human trafficking due to a lack of anti-trafficking legislation throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region (Molo Songololo 2008: 34).
The medium-term plan was to get 15 to 18 Songololos moving every day, and it hopes to add at least 10 million mt of delivered coal to RBCT within a year.
My songololo is no longer the coy thing I have been ashamed of.
This increase in the perceived prevalence and documentation may come from the heightened interest of the human interest group Molo Songololo in South Africa and the International Organization for Migration ("IOM").
Niki Daly's Not So Fast, Songololo would not convey the same sense of South Africa if the central character was named Robert instead of Malusi, and if his grandmother was Alice, rather than Gogo.
Rebel commanders said that they too were reinforcing with armour after fighting at a town called Songololo.