sonic modulus

dynamic modulus of elasticity

The modulus of elasticity of a test specimen which is computed from physical characteristics of the specimen (size, weight, and shape) and from its fundamental frequency of vibration.
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where [E.sub.a] is the sonic modulus of amorphous material, and E is the sonic modulus of the experimental fiber.
Sonic modulus measurements were made on a Morgan dynamic modulus tester Model PPM5 at a frequency of 5kc/sec.
Figures 2-5 depict the effect of [f.sub.a] on shrinkage, tenacity, sonic modulus and LASE-5.
Both tenacity and sonic modulus increase with [f.sub.a] as expected, and the results for the three yarn types fall along the same regression line.
Restated, the sonic modulus provides useful information concerning the fiber's bulk-orientation.
Figures 8a and b present the effects of processing parameters on the sonic modulus. This modulus is an intrinsic property that depends on the behavior of the bulk material.
This speed can be measured with piezoelectric captors and is proportional to the square root of the sonic modulus. Our experiments, which have been carried out on Technora cables of diameter 2 mm, show that the modulus obtained from the wave speed has the same behavior in fatigue as the modulus obtained from tensile tests.
It is possible to determine the dynamic modulus with a method b ased on the propagation of longitudinal acoustic wave by determining the speed of propagation and using the following equation [5, 6]: [V.sup.2] = E/[rho] where V is speed of propagation, E is dynamic or sonic modulus and [rho] is density.
The sonic modulus, which is the modulus obtained from the longitudinal propagation speed, is also used to determine the maturity of a cotton fiber [7], as well as to differentiate fabrics having undergone different finishing treatments [8-10].