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a. a method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading
b. the art of using such arguments



(1) The philosophic current in ancient Greece created by the Sophists.

(2) Reasoning based on the deliberate violation of the rules of logic or the use of false arguments.

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Making references to Socrates being charged of sophistry and Plato's attempts to set them apart in the dialogues, the book dwells deeper into the social changes that the Sophists encouraged and the political changes that Periclean Athens witnessed.
Philosopher and prophet prove odd bedfellows in the fight against sophistry. Because Bartlett's study is an introduction, he concludes by declining to articulate the Socratic response to the challenge of the prophets, that is, how beneath this symbiosis lies a deeper parasitism.
Sophistry extends its "clever speaking" to the politically most relevant matters: the just, the good, and the beautiful or noble.
In this case, the gamble from Jeremy Hunt, right, was that despite being among our brightest graduates, the junior doctors would be fooled by some clumsy mathematical sleight-of-hand and cheap sophistry.
"There is an element of sophistry going on here," John Baron, a lawmaker from Cameron's Conservative Party, told the BBC.
This is the sort of pusillanimous sophistry designed to encourage our youth to blame others rather than themselves.
He described the report as "wholly inadequate" and one of which "Sir Humphrey of "Yes Minister" would be proud due to the potent sophistry of its content".
How long are the universities going to teach their students the usual sophistry? GEOFFREY BULMER, Billingham
Selected from a May 2009 conference on Plato's dialogue in Benasque, Spain, 16 papers consider defining sophistry; whether parricide is a threat or reality, and mimesis, image, and logos.
Today, of course, some soi-disant Catholic political figures use the sophistry of "governing for all citizens" to justify or mask their stand on abortion and support or overlook other non-Christian positions on various issues.
If these claims are true, how can diairesis provide reliable definitions of sophistry, statesmanship, or anything else?
"As the nation is deeply concerned about the likelihood of Taliban coming back to power, some people are using their sophistry to hide the reality -- something that amounts to betraying the nation," Qanuni remarked.