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A material, compound, or system that can provide a sorption function, such as adsorption, absorption, or desorption.



any one of the solids or liquids that selectively sorbs gases, vapors, or dissolved substances from a surrounding medium. Depending on the nature of the sorption, distinctions are made between absorbents, which form solid or liquid solutions with the sorbates; adsorbents, which collect the sorbates on surfaces that are usually irregular in order to increase surface area; and chemical absorbents, which form chemical bonds with the sorbates. Ion-exchange sorbents, or ion exchangers, form a separate category; these substances absorb ions of one type from a solution and release an equivalent quantity of ions of another type. The most important solid sorbents include activated charcoal, silica gel, aluminum oxide, zeolites, and ion-exchange resins.

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The method in [22] that uses sORB detects 9 matched keypoint pairs as shown in Figure 9(e).
Based on all available published and unpublished data for various soil types of south-western Australia, most unpublished, critical Colwell soil-test P has recently been summarised for different soils with different capacities to sorb P, as ranked using reactive Fe, PRI, and PBI (Table 2).
Table 1 presents the percentage of intervals in which each behavioral dimension of the SORB occurred as well as the characteristics of the game observed for each referee.
Wend tends to have a pejorative ring, especially in Eastern Germany, and today in all scholarly literature in Europe the word Sorb is preferred to Wend.
This pumping surface disrupts the quasi-equilibrium of the cycle by removing molecules before they can impact onto a surface that will allow them to only sorb temporarily.
The easiest way is to Google SORB and then follow the link to the Massachusetts Web site," Chief Roddy said.
Consequently, the capacity of soil to sorb P is routinely measured by commercial soil testing laboratories in WA.
Water vapor can build up within the system and affect pump operation, or process detritus like spongy deposits can begin to sorb water vapor or hydrocarbon contaminants.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Lisa Sorb Co2 Absorbent
But hang on, the melon and raspberry sorb et looks all right.
Adding phosphorus (P) to acidic lateritic soils in Western Australia (WA) decreased the capacity of the soils to sorb subsequent applications of P (Barrow 1974, 1999; Barrow et al.
He also has the advantages of being inert so that it won't sorb easily to the inner surfaces of chambers and is present in the atmosphere at only 5 ppm.