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or Sorbs,
Slavic people (numbering about 60,000) of Brandenburg and Saxony, E Germany, in Lusatia. They speak Lusatian (also known as Sorbic or Wendish), a West Slavic language with two main dialects: Upper Lusatian, nearer to Czech, and Lower Lusatian, nearer to
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According to Milburn, SORBS is a relatively minor player in the AntiSpam industry.
In response, Solid Oak has added the SORBS mail servers to its MXRate blacklist.
Sorbs were repeatedly forbidden to use their own language.
Numerous Sorbs made the decision to emigrate before Kosyk left.
There was his father's wish to have his eldest son remain with him now and his own wishes both to fi nd a ministerial post in Lusatia to serve Sorbs in their common language and to find a wife.