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(feminine), sorceress
a person who seeks to control and use magic powers; a wizard or magician


A simple tree parser generator by Terence Parr <>.

SORCERER is suitable for translation problems lying between those solved by code generator generators and by full source-to-source translator generators. SORCERER generates simple, flexible, top-down, tree parsers that, in contrast to code generators, may execute actions at any point during a tree walk. SORCERER accepts extended BNF notation, allows predicates to direct the tree walk with semantic and syntactic context information, and does not rely on any particular intermediate form, parser generator, or other pre-existing application.

SORCERER is included in the Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set.

Version: 1.00B

E-mail: <> ("e-mail sor.tar.Z.uu" in subject).

Mailing list: (message body: "subscribe pccts-users YOUR-NAME", where YOUR-NAME can be your name or e-mail address).
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The Undead Sorceress is Volume 1 of the International House of Vampires, a fantasy series featuring characters that are vampires, sorceresses, warlocks and robots with different ethnicities and gender.
After this spiel, the friend told the mother that she knew a sorceress who had the power to drive out the djinn from her daughter's body.
The mother said the woman later claimed the sorceress had told her that a male djinn had possessed her daughter and insisted on marrying her.
You've probably only heard Dorothy's side of the story in The Wizard Of Oz - in which she triumphs over the sorceress.
Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play the brother and sister sorceress slayers who are called to the German town of Augsburg following the disappearance of 11 children.
Which of these resonate: gypsy, minstrel, sorceress, ninja?
Before she can begin to unlock her power, though, Eliza learns that the Xia Sorceress has abducted her father, and she must set out on a quest through both worlds to save him, with the help of only her mortal friend, Nell, and a seemingly untrustworthy Shade (shapeshifter) named Charlie.
Beautiful Creatures is about a supernatural love story that follows the story of an ordinary boy who falls in love with a powerful sorceress and together they have to overcome a dangerous curse.
He was a marvel of interiority and compression as Dido, and exteriority and expansion as the Sorceress.
Soon an ugly dwarf, a beautiful sorceress and even her own people, are after her.
The image shows the popular actress looking nightmarish in her role as the sorceress Maleficent in the film by that name, which is a revisiting of (http://www.
Theron slinks with intent as scheming sorceress Ravenna, who seizes the throne by killing her husband King Magnus shortly after their wedding.