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A cluster of sporangia on the lower surface of a fertile fern leaf.
A clump of reproductive bodies or spores in lower plants.



in plants, a dense cluster of reproductive organs, for example, sporangia in ferns, zoosporangia in the brown alga Laminaria, and oogonia in the brown alga Dictyota.

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A similar observation of the dominance of subclinical mastitis was observed by several studies (Workineh et al., 2002; Dego and Tarek, 2003; Sori et al., 2011).
22 e-mail, Sori wrote to Soto, Munar and several other Eastern Financial employees asking for confirmation of the mortgage payments and "is there anything we can do on the workout unit to help our members?" Soto said much of the confusion with the misapplied payments stemmed from several accounts shared by her and an ex-husband.
Sori medial or submarginal but not under revolute margins of indusia present or absent 13
Sori few to numerous in an infected inflorescence; around ovaries; when young, covered by whitish brown, early rupturing peridia.
According to police, Muhmmad Tahir, a resident of 90/9-L village, with his wife and two daughters was returning home after buying gold ornaments from a shop in Sori Gali locality on a motorcycle-rickshaw.
The PFA teams inspected the shops in areas of Ganjmandi, Ansari Market, Dalgiran Bazaar, Naswari Bazaar, Sori Gali, Wheat Mandi, Ratta Road and Sooter Mandi.
PTI Dr Qasim Sori from Quetta said, i am thankful to the masses of Quetta as they defeat the frighten in their areas and have trusted the leadership of PTI and hoped we will work positively for the welfare of nation .
The village defense council member Sarfaraz, a resident of village Lamotai, Sori Pao, Tehsil Lal Qila in Maidan, was targeted by unidentified assailants late Wednesday night, sources added.
Using the most recent mathematical formulas, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory associate staff scientist Michael Sori estimates that the Mercurial crust is just 16 miles thick and is denser than aluminum.
Directed by Fumiko Sori (live-action Ping Pong), he expressed his desire to stay true to the source material.
Protestors who strongly condemned the innocent killing of Kashmiris by Indian troops gathered at Sher Shah Sori Road opposite cantonment Railway Station.
Fydd yna fawr o waith annog ar neb i fynd am dro ar ol pori (sori!) drwy'r gyfrol hon.