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a former French coin of low denomination



an old French coin, originally made of gold and later of silver and copper. One sou was equal to 1/20 of a livre or to 12 deniers. When France adopted the decimal system in 1799, the sou was replaced by a 5-centime coin equal to 1/20 of a livre or of a franc. The new coin was commonly called a sou until 1947, when it was withdrawn from circulation in connection with the devaluation of the French franc.

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Despite SOU agreeing to pay, the settlement "releases SOU and other parties from future wage claims stemming from the project while admitting no wrongdoing or liability on the disputed wages," a BOLI statement said.
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SOU President Mary Cullinan said she supports the idea but declined further comment.
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Elles recevront un code sous forme de lettre pour savoir quels sont leurs chiffres et comment ils evoluent[beaucoup plus grand que].
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