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a minor female role in comedy, often that of a pert lady's maid
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the role of a pert, witty, resourceful, and clever servant girl who helps her masters in their amorous intrigues. The role originated in the Italian commedia dell’arte with the figure of Servetta and then entered French comedy. Examples of the sou-brette are Dorine and Toinette in Moliere’s Tartuffe and Le Malade imaginaire and Suzanne in Beaumarchais’s The Marriage of Figaro. The role of soubrette appeared in the Russian theater in comedies and vaudevilles in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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The artists in Fragments (apart from Rihll) included Cynthia Cooper, Marion Ord (soprano), Ivy Popham (soubrette), Lorna Raymond (contralto), Chris Botly (baritone), Fred Curtis (comedian), Stanley West, and Davy Burnaby (Stage, 27 Dec.
the Soubrette and the Queen were typically positive in both primary
The actresses fight over the role of Mme Belval: one claiming that the role is meant for a fickle coquette, the other for an innocent ingenue, and the third for a wise soubrette (Journal de Paris, 24 March 1816).
The production, which featured Clara in her first leading role as a soubrette, was a great success.
Smetana wrote the leading role for a soubrette,and another major role for an actor, whocouldn't sing, but had to perform parlando, rather likeRex Harrison in My Fair Lady.
She was the soubrette lead and Jimmy was playing drums in the pit orchestra.
She finally emerges in a soubrette outfit comprised of spangled blouse and shorts.
La bellezza della Marini e vistosa, da subito paragonata a Marilyn Monroe o, piu giustamente, a Anita Ekberg, mentre molto si e ironizzato sulle sue difficolta di dizione, le movenze un po' disarticolate, una certa qual ineleganza di fondo, tutte caratteristiche che hanno contribuito a farne una soubrette cinguettante e svampita.
When Gilson arrived a few days earlier she did not make much of an impression, with Wormeley describing her as "a pretty creature, half nun, half soubrette, whose name I don't know." Ibid., 22.