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His voice rose very shrill and mad against the regular deep soughing of the swell coiling heavily about the outer face of the sea-wall.
Baghdad / NINA /--Member of Human Rights Commission Fadel Ghraoui said that thousands of Iraqis are emigrating out of Iraq because of the deteriorating security situation and lack of services, adding: "The High Commissioner of the United Nations received more than / 195 / thousand immigrants demands of asylum soughing in addition to thousands of families that migrating informally through smugglers.
a mournful sound, A soughing in wind, this pine, its last minute begun,
Freely writes for those who seek to "leave behind the crowded resorts to hike out along mule tracks that wind across the thyme scented hills, where the only sounds are the occasional tinkling of faraway goat bells and the soughing of the wind among the gnarled olive trees".