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Sound level analyser "Bruel & Kjaer 2270" automatically detects when the windscreen is being mounted or removed, and applies the corresponding correction filter.
Phoseon developed WhisperCool Technology to address the sound level as LED light sources become more powerful," commented Joe Becker, Product Marketing Manager.
Elements include Wi-Fi enabled sound level meters, post-processing software, cloud storage, a smartphone field app and an online community.
The sound level ranged between 55 dB( A) to 65 dB( A) and maximum exceeding of prescribed standards was observed in Lucknow, Delhi followed by Mumbai and Chennai," said Dr A K Sinha, Scientist, CPCB.
The purpose of the first study presented here was to systematically investigate and describe the patterns of ambient sound level fluctuations at selected intersections.
Two waves of equal amplitude and frequency will then have a combined sound level of +3 dB over either wave individually (10 [log.
NC is referred to as a tangency method because the resulting sound level is determined by tangency to criteria curves in each octave band without regard to the shape of the sound spectrum.
The problem of sound levels affects all of Paphos because although a law was passed in 2007 to regulate decibel levels, so far nothing has been done to enact it," Kleanthous said.
Sound level measurements were made with calibrated Larson Davis 824 sound level meters at three time periods: before (December 2009), during (March 2010), and after (June 2010) renovations to the wing.
I purchased a sound level meter to find out if my playing in the practice room, and in our community band and orchestra, caused sound levels greater than 85 dB to reach my ears.
a dose reading where a value of 100% is the maximum allowable exposure to accumulated continuous noise (according to OSHA, a 100% dose occurs for an average sound level of 90 dBA over an 8-hour period);
Also, the sound level produced by multiple individuals simultaneously blowing vuvuzelas within a limited space cannot be predicted from these data.