Sound Ranging

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sound ranging

[′sau̇nd ‚rānj·iŋ]
(engineering acoustics)
Determining the location of a gun or other sound source by measuring the travel time of the sound wave to microphones at three or more different known positions.

Sound Ranging


a part of artillery reconnaissance.

It is conducted by sound-ranging subunits of ground artillery with special sound-ranging instruments that can determine the coordinates of unobserved enemy firing batteries (guns, mortars, or multiple rocket launchers) according to the sound of the shots. In adjustment of fire for friendly artillery, the instruments determine the area where the shells or mortar projectiles fall by the sound waves that are set off when they explode. Instruments of ground reconnaissance are specially designed to register the sound of the shots or explosions; the effectiveness of these instruments is practically not affected by extraneous sounds that arise on the battlefield if their source is at a distance of several hundred meters from the sound ranging station.