Sound Spectrum

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sound spectrum

[′sau̇nd ‚spek·trəm]
A plot of the strength of a sound at various frequencies.

Spectrum, Sound


the set of simple harmonic waves into which a sound wave can be resolved. The spectrum expresses the frequency composition of the sound and is obtained by analyzing the sound. A sound spectrum is usually represented in a coordinate plane where the frequency f is plotted along the axis of abscissas and the amplitude A, or intensity, of a harmonic component with a given frequency is plotted along the axis of ordinates.

Figure 1. Spectrum of a musical sound

Pure tones, sounds with a periodic wave form, and sounds resulting from the superposition of several periodic waves have line spectra (Figure 1). Musical sounds, for example, have such spectra; a musical sound’s timbre depends on the sound’s spectrum.

Figure 2. Spectrum of a damped vibration

Acoustic noise, single pulses, and damped sounds have continuous spectra (Figure 2).

Figure 3. Sound spectrum of a keyboard instrument

Composite spectra are characteristic of the noise produced by some mechanisms. For example, the rotation of a motor may yield separate frequency components that are superposed on a continuous spectrum. Such spectra are also characteristic of keyboard musical instruments (Figure 3) that have, especially in the upper register, a noise coloration due to the impact of the hammers.

sound spectrum

A representation of the magnitude of the components of a complex sound as a function of frequency.
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RC is often employed as a diagnostic tool to explain how tonal imbalances can result in an unacceptable sound spectrum even though the NC goal was achieved.
The perceived scoop up from below the pitch is partially an illusion created by the darker tone color at the onset of phonation in which the higher frequencies of the sound spectrum are attenuated temporarily.
The archive contains comparatively few voice documents from the era of partial sound spectrum recording.
process remains an important key to sound spectrum management.
Now there's a SoundMan solution that allows any PC user to enjoy the full sound spectrum.
The most important consideration in electronic masking systems is to produce a sound spectrum that effectively masks intrusive noise without itself being intrusive.
With the latest piezoelectric transducers and analytical instruments, this sound spectrum can be broken into several characteristic frequency bands keyed to specific grinding phenomena.
Developed in conjunction with Beats by Dr Dre, the seven-speaker system has a total output of 440 watts and features a digital amplifier integrating an advanced equalisation algorithm, which can recreate the entire sound spectrum that an artist experiences during studio recording.
This collaboration would tackle a range of initiatives to formulate joint forums for constructing institutional capacity, discuss sectoral policies and gain understanding of the socio-economic welfares of mobile, create educational and training programmes on mobile regulation to further socio-economic growth, and expand financial inclusion via mobile money services and ensure sound spectrum management.
With a total output of 520W via an eight-channel DSP-equipped amplifier, the seven-speaker system, with two subwoofer channels, employs advanced equalisation algorithms to recreate the sound spectrum that artists experience during studio recordings.
The published discharge sound power levels at the low end of the sound spectrum will increase, typically from 1 db to 8 db, which means the published NC levels also will increase by several points, especially in the medium and small boxes (1 to 4 point increases in the medium and up to 7 points in the small boxes are expected).