sound transmission class

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sound transmission class, STC

A single-number rating of the sound insulation value of a partition, door, or window; it is derived from a curve of its insulation value as a function of frequency; the higher the number, the more effective the sound insulation.
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Figure 2 Incomplete Worksheet Positive factors Negative factors Sound transmission class -- Normal voice 62 (STC) Background level NC -- Voice correction -- Wall STC correction -- STC reduction -- Background correction -- Total -- Total --
"Sound transmission class" ratings indicate a wall's (or floor's) ability to block sound.
In schools, the aim is to enhance speech intelligibility by meeting the Sound Transmission Class (SIC) requirements of ANSI Standard S12.60-2002.
It can help reduce sound transmission in wall, ceiling and floor assemblies, and can have a significant effect on what is known as the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating.
It typically has strong STC (sound transmission class) ratings of 36-38, according to Yates.
* A Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating between 18 and 20 is ideal.