sound transmission loss

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sound transmission loss, transmission loss, TL

A measure of the sound-insulation value of a partition; the amount, in decibels, by which the intensity of sound is reduced in transmission through the partition.
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Sound transmission performance of carbon fiber composite panels was tested mainly in the small sound transmission loss chamber as shown in Figure 5.
The most highly asymmetrical construction 2.1/0.76 PVB/0.7 shows a difference in the sound transmission loss properties of the construction in the 3500 to 6500 Hz range.
Wen, "Sound transmission loss of metamaterial-based thin plates with multiple subwavelength arrays of attached resonators," Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol.
The sound transmission loss (TL) is a measure of the transmission coefficient that is the fraction of the sound energy incident on a structure that is transmitted through it [6, 7]
Sharing a few technical aspects that highlight the performance of Goff's noise curtains, he stated that the product is capable of sound transmission loss of up to 45 db.
Several authors [10-13] have investigated analytical methods to determine the sound transmission loss of sandwich structures, considering the case of an infinite plate excited by a plane wave.