source code management

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source code management

The use of software systems to help program developers keep track of version history of source code modules as well as releases, parallel versions (code branches), etc. There are several in popular use, the free CVS being the best known. Perforce is a powerful commercial product. SCCS was once popular on Unix and VSS is Microsoft's offereing.
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configuration management

(1) In a network, a system for gathering current configuration information from all nodes in a LAN.

(2) In software development, a system for keeping track of large projects. Although version control, which maintains a database of revisions, is part of the system, a full-blown software configuration management system (SCM system or CM system) automatically documents all components used to build executable programs. It is able to recreate each build as well as to recreate earlier environments in order to maintain previous versions of a product. It may also be used to prevent unauthorized access to files or to alert the appropriate users when a file has been altered.

Increasingly, parts of version control and configuration management are being added to application development systems. Examples of stand-alone configuration management systems are PVCS, CA Harvest and ClearCase. See CSCI and version control.
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For more advanced users and development groups, LabView 2010 includes new features that improve interfaces to reusable code, group VIs and their hierarchy for faster build times and separate the VI source code from the compiled version to aid in source code management. These capabilities are Meal for large group development where code maintenance across many users, software versions and computer platforms is critical.
The authors address Linux commands, boot methods, package management, the Bash shell, the Emacs editor, a variety of editors, the gawk programming language, source code management, and more.
These might be called version control (VC) systems or source code management (SCM) systems.
I don't want to be in the source code management business," Chuang said.
"TestTrack Pro offers best of breed defect management capabilities and the ability to integrate with most popular source code management tools," said Richard Riccetti, President of Seapine Software.
The solution features a hosted infrastructure, source code management and integrated business messaging to unite dispersed teams and provide an environment that scales up or down as development team collaborate across a firewall.
With a development environment that tightly integrates with the Git source code management system, we offer an environment that allows for collaborative development teams as well as source code management.