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see ground squirrelground squirrel,
name applied to certain terrestrial rodents of the squirrel family. In North America the name refers to members of the genus Citellus and sometimes to the closely related genera Tamias (chipmunk), Cynomys (prairie dog), and Marmota
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aDelivered through the local native key wildlife species a fallow deer, red deer, wild living horses, wolves, brown bears, several vulture species (black vulture, Egyptian vulture and griffon vulture), a high number of raptor species and the small-sized but extremely important Souslik or European ground squirrela, he continues.
European ground squirrels are a significant part of raptor food.European sousliks, ground squirrels, are doing well at two revival localities, Gemerskaacute Hocircrka and Hrhov in Slovenskyacute kras.
Why males incur a greater predation risk than females in juvenile European sousliks (Spermophilus citellus).