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1. the point of the compass or the direction midway between west and south, 225° clockwise from north
2. (esp of the wind) from the southwest


the southwestern part of Britain, esp Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset
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"Well," said Dorothy, "we're going southwest, and it seems just as easy to follow that direction without a path as with one."
Southwest Airlines Employees To Split Record-Setting Profitsharing Amount In 40th Consecutive Payment Southwest Airlines announced it will contribute approximately $228 million-the largest total dollar amount ever allocated-directly to Employees through its ProfitSharing Plan this year.
As Southwest Business evolves, the Company announced today a new agreement to bring industry-standard processes to the Travelport and Amadeus GDS channels including allowing travel managers the ability to book, change, cancel, and modify reservations.
Southwest's financial loss has put new pressure on the company's plans for new service to Hawaii.
Southwest's Senior Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Mark Shaw has been promoted to Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, and Corporate Secretary.
Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation or its predecessor, Southwest Georgia Bank, has paid cash dividends for 89 consecutive years.
Southwest commenced its first of the three stock repurchase programs in August 2014 and its second program in August 2015.
In his new role Hafner will oversee Southwest's and AirTran's daily services.
Southwest Solutions Group is the largest innovative storage and filing solutions company serving commercial and institutional facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi.
Southwest will begin its Atlanta tenure with non-stop passenger routings to Washington, Chicago, Denver, Houston and Austin.

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