space-time continuum

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, space-time continuum
Physics the four-dimensional continuum having three spatial coordinates and one time coordinate that together completely specify the location of a particle or an event

space-time continuum

[′spās ′tīm kən′tin·yə·wəm]
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The effects of half-day and half-year palindromes are one of the most illustrative piece of evidence for the dependence of the phenomena under discussion on the movement of the objects studied in the space-time continuum. Of special interest is, thereby, palindromes that were revealed under the use of collimators.
The ease with which Fernando Torres glided past Darren Moore for Liverpool's opening goal suggested that the Spaniard had actually ripped the space-time continuum to shreds.
Few residents of the worlds of Trentor, Kir, and Dalrodia know that it is a council of five magical elders--one of whom admittedly has a few screws loose--that mainrains the space-time continuum between their three worlds.
There was, of course, far more we could have said, but the pesky space-time continuum prevailed.
The somewhat dramatic accounts of Einstein's five papers sometimes obscure the fact that it was not truly that sudden a leap which brought us face to face with a space-time continuum subtly curved to give rise to gravity.
Even after an identity mix-up, animals at the subway, and a "Dad" who makes it to England before him, it takes John some time to clue in that there's been a shift in the space-time continuum. But once our young hero finally does, he discovers that the road back to Earth 4 is filled with hilarious adventure.
Among their topics are what is really known about the space-time continuum of soil-landscapes, geomorphological models, the impact of emerging geographical information technology on the modeling, fuzzy logic models, and analyzing complex soil variations using wavelets.
In it, Hawking introduced everyday readers to the concepts of general relativity, the space-time continuum, quantum theory, and the Big Bang.
L'Odyssee is certainly not the first time a Robert production made clever and effective use of a space-time continuum. Her first notable acclaim as a producer came with the release of another director's brilliant first foray into filmmaking, Le Confessional from Robert Lepage.
In this case, the small but critical distortions of history that created the novel's alternate reality resulted from the author's dishonesty, rather than from some kind of random anomaly in the space-time continuum.
Baggy sweaters are great to sweat out the details about the space-time continuum, the photoelectric effect and quantum theory.
Sic has been flirting with the space-time continuum, a shifty concept invented by Parmenides or some other Greek guy, to the effect that if you step in the same river twice you'll wet both feet.

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