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(building construction)
The part of a wall between the sill of a window and the head of the window below it.
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The triangular space that is formed between the sides of adjacent arches and the line across their tops; in a skeletal frame building, the walls inside the columns and between the top of the windows and the sill above.
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spandrel, spandril

spandrel, 1
1. An area, roughly triangular in shape, included between the extradoses of two adjoining arches and a line approximately connecting their crowns (or a space approximately equal to half this in the case of a single arch); in medieval architecture, often ornamented with tracery, etc.
2. In a multistory building, a wall panel filling the space between the top of the window in one story and the sill of the window in the story above.
3. A surface, roughly triangular in shape, as below a stair string.
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But now it looks like the question of whether some body of law or theory rationalizing the law should be counted as a hideous Frankenstein's monster or a beautiful spandrel is mostly just a question of what one thinks about the body of law or rationalizing theory as a normative matter.
Stribling & Associates, which does not have a property management arm, can refer clients who are looking for a property manager to Spandrel, Stribling said.
Use your finish nail gun to nail the spandrel to the top cap and posts, then screw the rail to the posts while pushing it snug against the bottom of the spandrel.
'The carved wooden dragon we use as the logo for the house was discovered when we first made explorations of the Hall, hidden under plaster, perched in one of the spandrels in the roof.
Sticks are placed between floors vertically to support individual components, such as horizontal mullions, glazing, and spandrels. Loads are transferred through connections at floors or columns.
In addition, spandrel panels will be painted and mullions and glass cleaned and polished.
Using changes in spandrel material and vertical paired mullions, the facade was divided into more pleasantly proportioned interlocking parts.
Neutral or tinted glazing, complemented by matching spandrel panels, provide a harmonic facade.
Ian Levine, founder and CEO of the Spandrel Group, a New York-based property and asset management company, together with partner Emanuel Neuman have launched Spandrel Development Partners (SDP), an affiliated real estate development and investment company.