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Calcite occurs as micrite, sparite and signifies rhombohedral cleavage occasionally.
Indeed micrite grains can be viewed as spheres whose radius decreases during dissolution while the sparite crystals can be viewed as volumes surrounding spherical pores whose radii are increasing (Noiriel et al., 2009).
The hydraulic breccia cement (Group II veins) is characterized by sparite calcite crystals measuring usually several 100 [micro]m.
Sparite calcite occurs randomly in the undisturbed layers and more frequently in the tectonic fracture zones.
Uno dei parenti, il figlio di Giuseppe B., chiede per esempio che venga istituita la Giornata del ricordo per le vittime sparite senza traccia e senza che nessuno ne avesse mai assunto la responsabilita.
The effect of eo or telodiagenetic processes by meteoric water in the different carbonate components commonly is reflected by increasing textural alteration of the matrix that change successively from micrite to microsparite, to minor pseudosparite and/or to precipitation of interparticle sparite cement.
Sparite effettivamente le nazioni, e l'amor nazionale, s'e spento anche l'odio nazionale, e l'essere straniero non e piu colpa agli occhi dell'uomo.
Micrite often changes to microsparite and sparite towards the intergranular pore space, indicating that micrite preceded microsparite or sparite precipitation (Figs 6F, 7D, F).
This recrystallization of micrite to microspar and vug linning sparite is a process of aggradational neomorphism.
The euhedra to subhedra appears to be of dolomite and sparite which are bounded by micrite cement (Fig.
The Spar Mountain Member is a finely crystalline sparite that includes a 3.3m oolite bed.