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spackle, spachtling, spackling, sparkling

A paste, compound, or powder which can be mixed into a paste; used to fill holes, cracks, and defects in wood, plaster, wallboard, etc., to obtain a smooth surface.
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Sparkle is a collaboration between retailer and customer - a support system that will ensure far greater financial inclusion and much improved access to market, built for many, built to scale'.
"We are trying to trace my daughter's treasured doll Sparkle, who we lost on Sunday somewhere between the Tomahawk Steakhouse restaurant on Newcastle Quayside and Central Station, or possibly on the Metro travelling to Sunderland.
Sparkle is the wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia Group (NYSE:TI) with the mission to develop and consolidate the Italian telco's international services business.
Hospital manager Craig Osborne said: "Sparkle is doing very well on antibiotics and pain relief.
Operators joining the SmartHub IPX will have access to TI Sparkle's community and vice versa, providing a single point of interconnect."
With this type of problem in mind, the Sparkle Celebration Candles have been developed.
Bomber jacket from PS14, polo from PS6, jeans from PS9, Hi Top PS16, all Matalan | Right: Girl Tee from PS5, prom skirt from PS7, black Glitter Mouse Shoe PS8, all Matalan | T-Shirt & pinny set from PS9, Glitter Mouse Shoe PS8 | Centre: Maeve sparkle dress PS50-PS55, pearl tiara PS10, corsage bag PS15, party cape PS24-PS26 | Below, Maeve sparkle dress PS50-PS55, pearl tiara PS10, corsage bag PS15, party cape xury PS24-PS26 | Above, Darcy lace dress PS50-PS55, baby Estella sparkle dress PS40-PS43, all Monsoon | George three-piece set PS40-PS43-PS46, Luke four-piece set PS45-PS48-PS50, both Monsoon | Him: Christmas knit PS10, jeans PS8.50.
A spokesman for trade magazine The Grocer said: "Branded fizz has lost its sparkle with shoppers who are instead opting for cheaper own-label sparkling wines."
Consumers can now carbonate all their favorite drinks with iSi's Twist 'n Sparkle direct carbonation system, which has a wand that inserts carbonation directly into any beverage without diluting it with seltzer or soda water.
"The Cardboard King and the Sparkle" is an unusual tongue-in-cheek fantasy fable for children of all ages (that includes adults)!