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spackle, spachtling, spackling, sparkling

A paste, compound, or powder which can be mixed into a paste; used to fill holes, cracks, and defects in wood, plaster, wallboard, etc., to obtain a smooth surface.
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No, not even when the sparkling host proposed that the quartette should take an appropriately sparkling glass of wine.
Seeming to gnash his sparkling teeth, studs, eyes, and buttons, all at once, Mr Lammle secretly bent a dark frown on the two, expressive of an intense desire to bring them together by knocking their heads together.
724-726) Never pour a libation of sparkling wine to Zeus after dawn with unwashen hands, nor to others of the deathless gods; else they do not hear your prayers but spit them back.
814-818) Again, few know that the twenty-seventh of the month is best for opening a wine-jar, and putting yokes on the necks of oxen and mules and swift-footed horses, and for hauling a swift ship of many thwarts down to the sparkling sea; few call it by its right name.
The sparkling points of light flashed past me in an interminable stream, as though the whole sidereal system were dropping into the void.
Thou-shalt," lieth in its path, sparkling with gold--a scale-covered beast; and on every scale glittereth golden, "Thou shalt
Having said these words, she drew a sparkling diamond ring from her finger, which she handed to the Prince, saying: 'Keep this ring in memory of Militza, and think of her sometimes if you never see her again.
Corks are popping all over, filling flutes both on- and off-premise, as sparkling wine sales effervesce.
More people are drinking sparkling wines now, especially at the value price points," observes Elizabeth Gregg, general manager at Applejack Wine & Spirits, a Denver retailer.
LEADING BRANDS OF DOMESTIC SPARKLING WINE, 2014-2016 (000 9-Liter Cases) Brand Supplier 2014 2015 2016 Andre/Wycliff E&J Gallo Winery 2820 2940 3050 Cook's Constellation Brands 1855 1845 2025 Korbel Brown-Forman 1323 1430 1495 Beverages Barefoot Bubbly E&J Gallo Winery 1150 1170 1198 J.
With colorful, innovative new packaging and new flavors, the wines of Korbel Champagne Cellars stayed on top of off-premise sales in the sparkling wine category during 2016, according to IRI.
Until this year, the only major "#wine-day" that hasn't been represented is a day to promote and celebrate all of the great Sparkling wines available from around the globe.