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The strategy is a long-term spatial planning and development framework for the province that is designed to ensure integrated spatial planning that aims to structurally transform Punjab into an economically developed region.
10x Genomics said the acquisition of Spatial Transcriptomics will allow researchers to understand what is happening within a cell and where cellular activities are happening in relation to one another.
The plug-in considers the increasing relevance of spatial data in corporate decision-making.
Spatial reasoning can be defined as "the ability to generate, retain, retrieve, and transform well-structured visual images." (2) It is related to the shape, size, orientation, location, direction, or trajectory of objects and their relative positions.
It has been widely acknowledged that LST and urban spatial patterns are scale-dependent since they change with the scale of the observation or analysis.
On Spatial Narrative in Fiction was published in 2017, and the whole monograph consists of four chapters with the exordium and epilogue.
For under five-year olds, the prevalence of being sick or injured during the last two weeks of interview, was reported as 12.44 percent by the PSLM.5 In Pakistan, there are no studies on spatial analysis of injuries in children.
By utilizing WebGL for rendering 3D graphics, the Spatial web viewer can provide access to any device that supports modern web browsers, including powerful capabilities, such as shading, and lighting with excellent performance even on mobile devices.
Exploring similarities among passengers' trips, where trip similarity can be defined regarding spatial and/or temporal dimensions, can discover relationships among the passengers.
While numerous studies have documented the impact of spatial skills on academic achievement, two are particularly noteworthy.
Facebook also created a ( new public group on the social networking site for developers using Facebook 360 Spatial Workshop.