spatial light modulator

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spatial light modulator

(1) A matrix of movable mirrors used to reflect a digital image to the viewer. See DLP and LCoS.

(2) A matrix of shutters that represents a page of binary data. It is used to modulate a laser beam for holographic storage. See holographic storage.

The Spatial Light Modulator
The checkerboard-like device modulates the laser beam to create the holographic page when combined with the reference laser.
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Subsequently, the beam is directed toward an experimental configuration composed of two lineal polarizers, a transmission liquid crystal spatial light modulator (TLC-SLM, Sony model LCX038ARA spatial resolution: 1024(H) x 768(V) pixels), and two quarter-wave plates.
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These bands may have been caused by nonuniformity in the response of the spatial light modulator. The second artifact consisted of bright retrace lines.
Using CMOS integrated circuit technology, state-of-the-art SMDs can have in excess of one million independently controllable mirror elements in a one square centimeter area with greater than a 70 percent active mirror area.[7] Alternatively, other general classes of electro-optic spatial light modulators exist that emulate in various ways a tiltable mirror.[8] The presented optical processing procedures are capable of addressing the needs of ultra-high resolution reconfigurable frequency filtering, as well as space-based or any large phased-array antenna beamforming application.
Currently, acousto-optical systolic computing approaches, SEED-based architectures, spatial light modulator systems employing trinary logic, optical programmable logic array techniques and holographic optical computing systems are under evaluation.
The three inch Rubik's cube hologram is projected within a table top display unit that uses a spatial light modulator and red, green and blue lasers.
His team worked out the transmission matrix for their painted glass slide by hitting it with a weak laser beam more than 1000 times, changing the shape of the beam each time using a spatial light modulator - the same device used to control the light emerging from a video projector.
A device called a spatial light modulator converts data into an optical signal for storage, they add.
This set-up consists of a femtosecond laser source which is fired through a liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator (SLM) that modifies the light rays to display a computer generated hologram.

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