Spawning Ground

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Spawning Ground


the place where fishes deposit their roe. Sections of bodies of water that have rocky-gravelly bottoms or that are overgrown with vegetation serve as natural spawning grounds for fishes that deposit glutinous roe. Fishes with non-glutinous roe spawn in those parts of rivers or seas that usually have a swift current.

In order to improve conditions for reproduction among valuable commercial fishes whose path to spawning grounds is obstructed by hydrotechnical structures (usually in the higher course of rivers), artificial spawning grounds are established. For fishes such as sturgeons, salmon, trout, and whitefish, which deposit their roe on hard bottoms, pebbly or gravelly spawning grounds in the form of strips or beds are established in river channels at various depths; the spawning grounds are usually placed perpendicular to the shore. Special spawning canals are also provided for salmon. For fishes that deposit their roe on plants (domesticated carp, common carp, European bream, crucian carp, pikeperch, roach), stationary or floating spawning grounds are made from juniper and spruce branches, reed rhizomes, small trees, or shrubs (submerged in littoral zones). Stationary spawning grounds are attached to the bottom in shallows; floating ones, consisting of wooden frames with bundles of branches tied to them, are installed in relatively deep places by means of anchors. Artificial spawning grounds are also used to gather and destroy the roe of undesirable fishes. In pond hatcheries, the domesticated carp spawns in special spawning ponds.


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Deepwater sharks have long been a draw for anglers in the area, but this is the first time their spawning grounds have been found in Scotland.
Temporary modifications to the weir, combined with recent rainfall, have helped the fish jump the hurdles to make their way to spawning grounds.
The dimensions of the simulated spawning ground were set to 1,000 m long, 5 m wide, and 5 m deep for the fertilization study at different densities and aggregations.
Because of the long stretches of unbroken sandy shoreline, Delaware Bay has been an ideal spawning ground for horseshoe crabs.
The turtle is thought to have traversed the Pacific and back as Japan is the only spawning ground for the loggerhead sea turtles in the northern hemisphere, according to the institute.
Because a nation which forgets its past has no future, and the hyphenated character of today's Canada is a spawning ground for ghettos, we can say goodbye to the sense of the past which has bound Canadians together for 130 years.
More than a mere disco, Studio 54 was the spawning ground of today's celebrity culture, the place where the stars who needed no last names turned up: Halston, Liza, Calvin, Andy, Mick, Bianca, Grace, Sylvester.
It also serves as a habitat for abundant underwater life, shore and migratory birds and as an important spawning ground for fish and crustaceans.
PARC, in fact, was the theoretical spawning ground for the then-revolutionary notion that the immense power of mainframe computers could be brought to the desktops of individuals.
Audrey Watson, North Wales biodiversity officer for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), said: "The river is an important spawning ground for sea trout.
Biologists conduct several spawning ground surveys a year on the South Umpqua River.