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US a place where alcoholic drink was sold illicitly during Prohibition
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Simple array-oriented language with numerical integration and differentiation, graphical output, aimed at statistical analysis.

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SpeakEasy Stereo System with the Google Assistant built-in is a beautifully designed audio system, featuring the room-filling sound quality of Como Audio in a multi-room stereo system.
Each unit comprised one common share in the capital of Speakeasy and one-half of one common share purchase warrant, with each warrant exercisable to purchase one additional common share at a price of CDN 1.00 per common share for 24 months from the date of closing.
Les, 37, said: "We're bringing back the rebirth of the speakeasy, but with a modern twist.
Indulgently creamy and with each flavour made with natural ingredients and featuring a single alcohol as its centrepiece, Speakeasy offers a unique twist on traditional luxury ice creams.
Tickets include entry to the festival, a branded Speakeasy glass to keep, a free cocktail on arrival, entertainment from a swing band, access to food stands and bars and a festival guide.
Launching on the The speakeasy will stay open for an hour after each performance has finished.
Speakeasy coffee shop was a cover story and feature article in the March/April edition of the Peoples Connection magazine.
| Discover a 1950's speakeasy. The Foxglove on Duddell's Street is one of the best speakeasies in the city.
Designers studioBIG helped revive a historic speakeasy located in the basement of a yogurt shop in Farmingdale.
Old barrels separate the training bar from a wine-tasting area, and a coffee bar and open-collaboration area provide space for groups to have a central meeting point.<br />"We spent a lot of time dialing in on the details of that training bar," said Eric Gebhardt, an EUA project manager who was the lead architect coordinating with the client.<br />But the project's hidden gem is a secret rotating door that, found behind the bar, opens into a private speakeasy. The architecture firm said it was their first.<br />"The speakeasy door itself was a real challenge that was fun to overcome," Gebhardt said.