special emergency

special emergency (air piracy)

A condition in which an aircraft has been hijacked or another hostile act that threatens the safety of the aircraft and/or its passengers has been committed by a person(s) on board. The pilot of an aircraft reporting a special emergency condition should, circumstances permitting, apply distress or urgency radio-telephony procedures and give details of the special emergency. If circumstances do not permit the use of prescribed distress or urgency procedures, the pilot should transmit the nature of the special emergency on the air-to-ground frequency in use at the time. If unable to provide this information, the pilot should use code words and/or the transponder as follows: state “Transponder seven five zero zero” (meaning: “I am being hijacked/forced to a new destination”) and/or use the transponder setting “mode 3/A, code 7500.” Air traffic controllers will acknowledge and confirm receipt of the transponder code 7500 by asking the pilot to verify it. If the pilot does not acknowledge, the controller will assume that the aircraft has a special emergency and inform all concerned. The pilot will attempt to maintain an altitude between 10,000 and 25,000 and a speed of no more than 400 knots and fly toward the destination demanded by the hijackers. If these procedures result in either radio contact or an air intercept, the pilot will attempt to comply with any instructions received, which may direct the aircraft to an appropriate landing field.
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"I therefore resolved to go about the thing more directly; so, at the start, I dispensed with ballast altogether, excepting as a provision for cases of special emergency, such as the breakage of my apparatus, or the necessity of ascending very suddenly, so as to avoid unforeseen obstacles.
And before the world-war had lasted two weeks--by the time, that is, that mast was rigged in Labrador--there was not a city or town in the world outside China, however fair from the actual centres of destruction, where police and government were not adopting special emergency methods to deal with a want of food and a glut of unemployed people.
DG Rescue Punjab Dr Rizwan Naseer reviewed special emergency arrangements in a meeting held at Rescue 1122 Headquarters on Wednesday which was attended by heads of wings.
Punjab CM Sharif chaired a special emergency committee formed for the extermination of dengue virus.
RIYADH: The Security Forces Hospital (SFH) in Riyadh received eight people injured in the terrorist attack at the Special Emergency Forces mosque in Asir that killed 15, including 11 officers on Thursday.
Baghdad, Shawwal 22, 1436, August 07, 2015, SPA --The Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Jabouri has condemned the terrorist bombing that targeted yesterday a mosque at the special emergency forces headquarters in Asir region, which claimed a number of martyrs and injured.
JEDDAH: The Special Emergency Forces (SEF) has been performing its role in maintaining order, especially during the annual Haj and fighting terrorism, since its establishment 50 years ago.
Cairo, Shawwal 22, 1436, August 07, 2015, SPA -- Arab Parliament has condemned the terrorist bombing that targeted a mosque for the Special Emergency Forces in the Asir region yesterday, Which claimed a number of martyrs and injured.
ISLAMABAD, December 29, 2010 (Frontier Star): Minister for Health Makhdoom Shahabuddin on Wednesday said that special emergency plan on polio has been prepared which will be launched in next year.
RIYADH: The terrorist attack at the Special Emergency Forces mosque in Asir that killed 15, including 12 officers on Thursday, evoked worldwide condemnation with key world leaders and prominent organizations joining Saudi society in unequivocally denouncing the barbaric act.

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