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1. denoting or relating to the education of physically or mentally handicapped children
2. Austral history slang a convict given special treatment on account of his education, social class, etc.
3. short for special constable
4. Austral, NZ, US and Canadian informal an item in a store that is advertised at a reduced price; a loss leader


(language, specification)
A specification language developed at SRI around 1976.

["SPECIAL - A Specification and Assertion Language", L. Robinson et al, TR CSL-46, SRI, Jan 1977].


A very abused English word in the information industry. Phrases such as "it is a special type of format" or "it uses a special code for that purpose" are found frequently in documentation. However, anything that is newly created to solve a problem is merely another solution. What makes something special is that it is way out of the ordinary, not just one more approach to the same problem. See specialty software.
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Tiangco wanted the special protocol plates banned because 'these has always been associated with privilege and abusive behavior exhibited by individuals driving or using these vehicles, whether government officials or persons posing as such.
Ixodes AG is delighted that the FDA is working on our phase III protocol for Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) and has given Ixogel[R] the QIDP designation.
A Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) from the FDA is a binding agreement that the Phase 3 trial design, planned execution and statistical analyses are acceptable to support regulatory approval.
The initiation of this landmark study is the result of extensive interactions with the FDA in a Special Protocol Assessment review process designed to ensure the integrity of both the cellular therapy product and the clinical trial to evaluate a novel therapy in a critically ill patient population," said William R.
On Nov, 14, 2005 Accentia had disclosed that it had been notified by the FDA that its IND for SinuNase might be transferred to another division of the FDA, and the Company disclosed that it had voluntarily withdrawn its submission of a special protocol assessment agreement (SPA) for its first phase 3 study of SinuNase, pending resolution of the proposed transfer.
The company's lead product candidate - satraplatin - is currently in a Phase 3 registrational trial as a second-line chemotherapy treatment in hormone-refractory prostate cancer following successful completion of a Special Protocol Assessment by the U.
M2 PHARMA-November 2, 2016-Catalyst Pharmaceuticals reaches agreement with US FDA for Special Protocol Assessment for Firdapse
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 2, 2016-Catalyst Pharmaceuticals reaches agreement with US FDA for Special Protocol Assessment for Firdapse
FDA approval of the statistical plan is the final stage in the approval process of the study protocols, further, FDA has already okayed the remaining of the protocols under a Special Protocol Assessment with Kitov.
Media reports said Arsalan Iftikhar was given special protocol when he arrived at Lahore air port by PIA flight PK-615.

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