special provisions

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special conditions

A section of the conditions of the contract, other than general conditions and supplementary conditions, which may be prepared for a particular project. Also see conditions of the contract.
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He said that pro-India politicians were the real culprits of hollowing the special provisions granted to Jammu and Kashmir just to grab luxurious for themselves and their progeny.
These special provisions include, for example, longer time periods for implementing agreements and commitments, and measures to increase trade opportunities, according to the WTO website.
645.26 says that special provisions in the law take precedent over general provisions.
Special provisions were said to be also made for people with limitations including those with physical/ visual/ hearing and speech incapacities.
The said scheme aimed to improve the overall technological configuration of the sector; remove critical imbalances in the value chain; achieve compliance with international standards and increase overall investment through support with special provisions for supporting the SME Sector.
This even though the 2017 General Appropriations Act included in the Special Provisions the P8.3 billion realigned from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) budget to CHEd for the Higher Education Support Fund to provide financial assistance to SUCs.
Summary: Force was empowered with special provisions by the federal and the provincial government
In a Tuesday announcement, the CFPB said it issued an interim final rule that broadens special provisions for small creditors in rural or underserved areas.
The programme also made special provisions for the returnees and the dips, with priority being given to the widows and orphans and the persons with special needs.
The move comes in the wake of the amendment of the Financial Institutions Bill 2004, introducing special provisions permitting banks to issue Islamic finance instruments.
However, among the 'Special Provisions On Islamic Banking' the Bill also stipulates that, "On the commencement of this Act, an already licensed financial institution carrying on business, may apply to the Central Bank in accordance with this Act to carry on Islamic financial business in addition to its existing licensed business." This business will be carried out 'through an Islamic window'.

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