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1. denoting or relating to the education of physically or mentally handicapped children
2. Austral history slang a convict given special treatment on account of his education, social class, etc.
3. short for special constable
4. Austral, NZ, US and Canadian informal an item in a store that is advertised at a reduced price; a loss leader


(language, specification)
A specification language developed at SRI around 1976.

["SPECIAL - A Specification and Assertion Language", L. Robinson et al, TR CSL-46, SRI, Jan 1977].


A very abused English word in the information industry. Phrases such as "it is a special type of format" or "it uses a special code for that purpose" are found frequently in documentation. However, anything that is newly created to solve a problem is merely another solution. What makes something special is that it is way out of the ordinary, not just one more approach to the same problem. See specialty software.
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We can muddle along the way we are for a good while yet, relishing our specialness and moaning about rubbish prize-money and Racing For Change, or we can accept that we need to attract some new people and some new money and do something about it.
Initiatives that teach nothing, but fill us with inverted notions of own specialness, likely do more harm than good in the long run.
Each tchotchke acquires an aura of nothingness rather than of specialness; despite the nearly reverent display, the objects become very hard to individually see and name.
If not he will go down as a wasted talent, one whose 'specialness' alienated as many as it attracted and as perhaps the biggest casualty of the professional era.
In this issue's column, I'm going to describe some of the lessons and pitfalls I've learned about being "special." I'll also make a few suggestions that you can take away to help you manage the transition from this innate sense of specialness to a more durable life philosophy for success.
But that's an uncomfortable assertion, because saying that the universe must have started in some special way implies a deep reason for that specialness that we haven't been able to figure out yet.
Narcissistic patients might refuse to take the test because it is "below" them to fill out a scale that surely cannot capture their specialness.
"Rugby should be played instinctively within a set of guidelines, but that's not what happened and we went a long way towards losing that Lions specialness.
But you need to be perfect to live up to that specialness." With its vivid and often heartbreaking personal stories, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters has the power both to shock and to educate, and is a true call to action.
While I love quaint antique stores and local coffee shops, for me the "specialness" of a town boils down to one thing: the people.
This underscores what Ed Kopko, CEO of Chief Executive Group and CEO of Butler International, said, "The very specialness of this award is that it comes from one's peers.
Still, it's refreshing when youngest child Anna frankly complains that Lior's "specialness" means she never gets to be the center of attention.

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