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After the clinical testing was complete, each participant was issued with a crutch/ pair of crutches that was fitted to their spectacle frame.
Nanyang Optical developed the world's first spectacle frames made from almost 100% recycled materials.
Until recently, in India, a small semi-circular piece cut from the periphery of an old gramophone record used to be glued to the inside of the upper portion of a plastic spectacle frame to lift the drooping upper lid.
Following the trend of larger spectacle frames, sunglasses and upswept styles, wearers often notice and complain of compromised vision at the lens periphery.
This type of system will clip onto the majority of spectacle frames and has a wide PD tolerance.
It may necessitate spectacle frame modification by fitting a ptosis prop or lundhi loop to improve the outcome for the patient (see Figure 1).
Luxottica led in terms of value share in categories that include sunglasses, spectacle frames and readymade reading glasses.
Dispensing bespoke spectacle frames may not be an everyday occurrence for most, but it is a skill that practitioners may be required to call upon from time to time.
Consumers are increasingly buying spectacle frames, lenses, and sunglasses with respect to changing fashion trends.
Wirecard ensures smooth payment transactions for Apollo in the background and enables customers to conveniently and flexibly order and pay for their spectacle frames, contact lenses and other products online, and have them delivered either to their home or to the Apollo branch of their choice.
It covers your spectacle frames and the lenses too.
For spectacle frames, more is more--and less is a bore.