Spectral Line

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spectral line

[′spek·trəl ‚līn]
A discrete value of a quantity, such as frequency, wavelength, energy, or mass, whose spectrum is being investigated; one may observe a finite spread of values resulting from such factors as level width, Doppler broadening, and instrument imperfections. Also known as spectrum line.

Spectral Line


a thin line in an optical spectrum. Each such line can be characterized by a certain wavelength λ or frequency v = c/λ, where c is the speed of light. Spectral lines are observed in emission spectra as bright (colored) lines on a dark background and in absorption spectra as dark lines on a bright background. Each spectral line corresponds to a definite quantum transition in an atom, molecule, or crystal. Spectral lines are not strictly monochromatic: each one has a certain width Δλ.

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D] is the broadening of the spectral line due to the Doppler effect given by:
A quantitative investigation of spectral line intensities in O-and B-type stars.
Due to strong self-absorption in the center of a spectral line a minimum of the line contour is formed, where no radiation of the hot arc center can escape.
Since the atmospheric pressure changes with altitude, a spectral line measurement contains a combination, or superposition, of lines of various widths.
On the basis of Experiment 1, we hypothesized that in the spectral analysis of the cross correlation of guesses and targets of forced-choice data of the Zener type, the maximum power spectral line is significantly greater than that produced by random fluctuations.
For each filter there is a corresponding input that receives points of spectral lines detected inside the window corresponding to the time and frequency resolutions of the filter.
The main spectral lines are identified in Astronomer's Telegram ATEL 4709.
Hydrogen gas emits radio emission in a spectral line at a very specific frequency of 1420 MHz.
So, the emitted spectral line intensity I is a measure of the population of the corresponding energy level of this element in the plasma.
3], with spectral line widths less than 1 kHz for a 9.
One of the disadvantages of the NRZ signal, seen from its power spectrum, is the lack of a discrete spectral line at the clock frequency (f = 1/T), which makes the clock recovery more difficult.
A novel technique will be developed that models spectral line formation in non-local thermodynamic equilibrium in atmospheres computed with radiation-hydrodynamical convection simulations.

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