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SAILSTAD and PEIFFER (1981) observed the corneal endothelium of 14 young adult rabbits using a specular microscope.
MORITA (1995) examined rabbits aged between 6 months and 15 months with a specular microscope and found cells with five and six sides.
Regular Topcon Specular Microscope is used for in vivo corneal endothelial assessment and central corneal thickness measurement, where in the patient sits in front of the microscope and keeps his chin on the chin rest with fore head touching the head band, after adjusting the height and distance examiner focuses on to the cornea and image of the corneal endothelium is captured and readings recorded.
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7) Specular microscopy allows for a high resolution magnified view of the corneal endothelium and most specular microscopes allow assessment of three main areas (Figure 4).
The diagnostic and monitoring device segment is further sub-segmented into fundus cameras, pachymeters, specular microscopes, optical coherence tomography scanners, keratometers, ophthalmic ultrasound imaging systems, wavefront aberrometers, tonometers, slit lamps and corneal topographers.