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A tubular instrument for inserting into a passage or cavity of the body to facilitate visual inspection or medication.
An optical instrument reflector of polished metal or of glass with a film of metal.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A speculum is a table constructed in tandem with an astrological chart that records such information as the planets’ declination, right ascension, latitude, etc.

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It was again measured with Barraquer wire speculum inserted in the eyes of 50 patients, and Universal eye speculum in the other 50 patients with the help of Goldmann Applanation.
The mean age baseline intraocular pressure of the right eye without speculum was 15.04+-3.83mmHg and that of the left eye was 15.48+-4.00mmHg.
Table-2: Comparison of Baseline IOP with Barraquer and Universal Speculum IOP.
We use an ear speculum to mimic the external auditory canal.
Then apply gentle traction and rotate the ring until it slips inside the "trough" of the speculum blades while deep in the vagina.
Although the disposable 4.0-mm speculum is adequate for children older than 4 years, I still prefer the brighter shiny plastic of the original equipment.