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speech defect,

any condition that interferes with the mental formation of words or their physical production. Speech defects in children generally become apparent in the early school years. Speech problems may arise from organic or functional abnormalities, but in practice the two are often hard to differentiate. Organic defects include deafness, cleft palatecleft palate,
incomplete fusion of bones of the palate. The cleft may be confined to the soft palate at the back of the mouth; it may include the hard palate, or roof of the mouth; or it may extend through the gum and lip, producing a gap in the teeth and a cleft lip, which is
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, dental abnormalities, and brain damage; most functional problems are basically psychological. Speech defects are generally categorized as disorders of sound production; disorders of voicing, e.g., loudness, pitch, and quality deviations; disorders of rhythm, such as stuttering and stammering; and disorders of language formulation and expression, including aphasiaaphasia
, language disturbance caused by a lesion of the brain, making an individual partially or totally impaired in his ability to speak, write, or comprehend the meaning of spoken or written words.
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, the inability to use words as symbols of ideas. Treatment of a speech defect may include correction of organic conditions, psychotherapy, and training in proper articulation; it is rarely limited to a single type of therapy.
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According to her, a study of 74 patients with head and neck cancers at the University College Hospital, only found 9.5 per cent of them without any speech defect as a complaint.
Mr Rawlings was born in Birmingham on May 16, 1918, and suffered from a speech defect. His parents later moved to Blackpool where he joined the Territorial Army at the start of the war.
The ex-world middleweight and super middleweight champ hopes to cure his speech defect by closing the gap in his front teeth and lengthening his others.
Unfortunately he has a bit of a speech defect and he struggles through the play.
Dawn finds herself cured of a speech defect by speaking the nonsense words.
Topbilled by Bela Padilla and JC Santos, the movie is about a guy with a speech defect who turns to writing poetry to verbalize his feelings for a girl who has passion for music.
It accompanied a story telling how "he conquered a speech defect with the help of an Australian specialist, later honoured as Sir Lionel Logie".
The man has a slight speech defect and wore dark clothing.
"She does have a slight speech defect. Even at the best of times her speech is slurred.
The time honoured tradition of giving a baby or toddler a soother might buy a parent a few moments of peace and quiet in the short term -but in the long term,children could be at risk of developing a speech defect or arched teeth.
But, amid the dreary detail, we learn much about the author -he found life at Highfield Secondary Modern so unpleasant he developed a speech defect; he was forced to resign from both the scouts and the church choir (early skirmishes with authority) ...and he was a trainspotter.
Mr Carpenter, who has a severe speech defect, required a translator at the hearing which will continue later this year.