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speech defect,

any condition that interferes with the mental formation of words or their physical production. Speech defects in children generally become apparent in the early school years. Speech problems may arise from organic or functional abnormalities, but in practice the two are often hard to differentiate. Organic defects include deafness, cleft palatecleft palate,
incomplete fusion of bones of the palate. The cleft may be confined to the soft palate at the back of the mouth; it may include the hard palate, or roof of the mouth; or it may extend through the gum and lip, producing a gap in the teeth and a cleft lip, which is
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, dental abnormalities, and brain damage; most functional problems are basically psychological. Speech defects are generally categorized as disorders of sound production; disorders of voicing, e.g., loudness, pitch, and quality deviations; disorders of rhythm, such as stuttering and stammering; and disorders of language formulation and expression, including aphasiaaphasia
, language disturbance caused by a lesion of the brain, making an individual partially or totally impaired in his ability to speak, write, or comprehend the meaning of spoken or written words.
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, the inability to use words as symbols of ideas. Treatment of a speech defect may include correction of organic conditions, psychotherapy, and training in proper articulation; it is rarely limited to a single type of therapy.
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The team found that babies who were breast-fed until at least nine months old - and, therefore, not bottle-fed - were less likely to develop speech defects.
The team found that babies who were breast-fed until at least nine months old - and therefore not bottlefed - were less likely to develop speech defects.
In Kaminey, Kapur plays the roles of Charlie and Guddu, a set of identical twins with speech defects.
It's a strange phenomenon - in a game in which punters' allegiances are blown hither and thither (as people used to say in the days before speech defects were treatable on the NHS) every half an hour on winds generated by the flow of hard cash - but a win for the little man is valued far more highly than a win for the big man.
Among his long list of volunteer acts, Leyner is currently chairman of the board for the Child Development Institute, which helps children with developmental problems such as autism and speech defects.
You face the additional challenge of interacting with campers who may have behavioral deficits, orthopedic appliances, physical care needs, speech defects, learning disabilities, and other problems which affect their ability to adjust to camp.
Other conditions associated with the syndrome include cleft palate, speech defects, developmental delay, mental retardation congenital cardiac defects, and psychiatric disorders.
For example, Assistive Technology has produced a computerized tablet to aid children with cerebral palsy, a talking computer to help people with speech defects, and a computer controlled by eye movement to assist a bright teenager suffering from acute cerebral palsy.
Speech defects and an inability to bite into many foods properly are the results.
She is hoping "The King's Speech" will raise public awareness of speech defects.