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If you decide you need help, turn your spell checker into your tutor.
A word which my filthy-minded spell checker probably thinks is a brand of Italian suppository.
The spell checker has allowed me to become a useful member of society.
The spell checker stands mute yet again; like a doting parent, it loves both needed reins and dead-wrong reigns.
0 Professional Edition also includes HPC Spell - English spell checker.
Correction of "real word" errors is obviously one area where spell checker software is not particularly helpful, because even a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence word checker cannot review for meaning or context.
This enables users to access their e-mail from any PC that is connected to the Internet and also take advantage of e-mail functions such as e-mail forwarding, address book, spell checker and other tools.
This week I ran some people's names through the spell checker and was amused to discover that all these years I had been calling them by the wrong names.
Here is another situation in which your spell checker will prove it is helpless in the land of the homophone.
So working with a spell checker to go over spelling or using a graphics program to make a map to teach a history lesson can be a big advantage.
html, (2) enhancements of the gallery format, (3) spell checker, (4) improvements on SemanticRank algorithm, (5) addition of more QDEX data, (6) new syndications, and most visibly (7) the advertisements.
The upgrade also adds a dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker and editing tools.