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spere, speer, spier, spur

In medieval English residences and derivatives, a fixed screen projecting from the side of a great hall, near a door, to mitigate drafts and to screen the door’s entrance.
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It appears to be a type of halberd, a popular infantry weapon of the fifteenth century (DeVries 1992, 29-32), "a spere .
Thorgh me men gon," than spak other side, "Unto the mortal strokes of the spere Of which Disdayne and Daunger is the gyde, Ther nevere tre shal fruyt ne leves bere.
paragraph] My drede full spere full sharpe y grounde.
Instead, he and fellow partners Daniel Durkin and Kathryn Spere are trusting that experience (officers average 15 years in banking) and personal service will give the bank a competitive advantage.
Thi sente(2) moder was ful wo tho he saht pine so an ti blod fel to grunde With the sarpe spere stike an ti milde herte breke so wo was hire the stude.
BADMINTON: Dunfermline star Bruce Flockhart last night wrapped up Scotland's 5-0 win over Norway at the World Team Champion-ships in Glasgow, beating Norwegian champ Hans Spere 10-15, 15-8, 15-8.
Sa lang havis child wyl alwaye With flouris for to jap and playe; With stikes and with spalys small To byge vp chalmer, spens and hall; To mak a wicht hors of a wand, Of brokin breid a schip saland; A bunwed [ragwort stem] tyll a burly spere, And of a sega swerd of were; A cumly lady of a clout, And be rycht besy that about To dicht it fetesly with flouris And luf the pepane [puppet] paramouris.
Not so coincidentally, perhaps, defense also occupies a conspicuous but ambiguous position in the counsel of Chaucer's Prudence, where the opposition of material to moral considerations may favor the moral ones but does so in terms that ironically facilitate worldly readings: if a stranger falls into your company, for example, "enquere thanne as subtilly as thou mayst of his conversacion, and of his lyf before, and feyne thy way; say that thou [wolt] thider as thou wolt nat go;/and if he bereth a spere, hoold thee on the right syde, and if he bere a swerd, hoold thee on the lift syde" (C, 1294-1338, here 1310-12, lxxx[x.
32) Pa eode he eft ongean to oaes halgan martyres byrgenne, and funde his spere standan mid blode begleddod
Ca o concluzie legata de geriatrie si gerontologie, ne putem aminti spusele lui Seneca: "Nimeni nu este asa de batran incat sa nu spere, pe drept, pentru inca o zi de viata".