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spere, speer, spier, spur

In medieval English residences and derivatives, a fixed screen projecting from the side of a great hall, near a door, to mitigate drafts and to screen the door’s entrance.
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The re-branding comes less than a year after Spier was brought in to lead the bank's day-to-day operations as CEO.
About the book: The Education of a Value Investor By Guy Spier Palgrave Macmillan Publication date: September 9, 2014 Hardcover: [pounds sterling]16.
The city agreed to pay Spier $15,000 as part of the settlement and to pay an additional $11,000 to cover his court costs and attorney fees.
With stronger doubles teams, Spier thinks the program is ready to take another step.
Private Liquor Brands will continue to handle the Dumisani wines launched at the end of last year and will take charge of the introduction of the Spier range in the autumn.
POGO went ahead with its lawsuit and, as first reported in Platt's Oilgram Daily, a trade paper, it promised Berman and Spier each a third of any of the money that might come out of the lawsuit.
The most important thing is that the settlement provides her with funds for long-term medical care, and will help bring her peace of mind and an improved quality of life," said Machado's attorney, Steve Rossman, co-founding partner of Rossman, Baumberger, Reboso, Spier & Connolly.
IN-SPIER-ATIONAL Spiers tangles with Linfield's Glenn Ferguson as he plays for Bangor in 2001 Irish Cup tie
OTCQB: SMPR ) (the "Company"), announced today the appointment of Jonathan Spier as its Chief Operating Officer.
Zachary Spier claims in the suit - filed Thursday in U.
Spier discusses the advantages of engineered lumber, what it is, where to get it, and working with it safely from floor to roof framing.
MIAMI -- The Miami trial law firm Rossman, Baumberger, Spier & Connolly has sued has sued the bus company and the driver in the deadly Dec.