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spere, speer, spier, spur

In medieval English residences and derivatives, a fixed screen projecting from the side of a great hall, near a door, to mitigate drafts and to screen the door’s entrance.
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We want to lay the structures that are clear and uniform and the results will be there to see in future," said Spier.
The re-branding comes less than a year after Spier was brought in to lead the bank's day-to-day operations as CEO.
The city agreed to pay Spier $15,000 as part of the settlement and to pay an additional $11,000 to cover his court costs and attorney fees.
When the shooting was over, three people were dead: the school's superintendent, another teacher, and Rick Spier.
Arriving at the location, Spier found about a dozen police cars from assorted agencies arrayed some 100 yards from a trailer located on the back lot of a house.
With stronger doubles teams, Spier thinks the program is ready to take another step.
When POGO used the FCA to file suit in 1996, they asked Bob Berman and Bob Spier, another government worker who had blown the whistle on oil royalty underpayments, if they wanted to join in the suit.
For a copy of the report, contact Kathryn Spier, Marsh assistant vice president, at (212) 345-6318 or kathryn.
This volume contains a great deal of new and fascinating material on the school, the headmaster during Svevo's time, Samuel Spier (1838-1903), and hitherto unpublished documents relating to them.
Zachary Spier claims in the suit - filed Thursday in U.