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a person employed by a state or institution to obtain secret information from rival countries, organizations, companies, etc.



a settlement in Belgium, in Namur Province, near which the fragments of two Neanderthal skeletons were found in a cave in 1886 during archaeological excavations conducted by the Belgian scientists M. Lohest and M. de Puydt. Also found were the bones of a mammoth, a woolly rhinoceros, a cave hyena, and other animals of the Würm, as well as Mousterian stone weapons. On the basis of these finds it was possible for the first time to establish the period during which a specific type of Neanderthal man existed. The people from the Spy cave were characterized by a large brain (1,500–1,600 cc). Anthropologically, they were late Neanderthal men who lived in Western Europe 40,000–50,000 years ago.

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The spokesman did not mention any further detail about the case or identity of the spies. He also did not say if the case is related to the two spies captured at the Aerospace Industries Organizion earlier this year.
Based on interviews with retired CIA, NSA, FBI, and KGB officers, as well as declassified and leaked intelligence documents, "Bureau of Spies" provides a fascinating historical narrative showing how the worlds of journalism and intelligence sometimes overlap and highlights the ethical quandaries that espionage invariably creates.
According to Chinese media, over 100 espionage cases involving Taiwan have been prosecuted this year, with a recent initiative by authorities titled the 'Thunderbolt 2018 Crackdown' leading to the arrest of several spies and agents.
The famous episode is depicted in the movie Bridge of Spies, where Abel is swapped for American U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers.
RAM RAJ Ram Raj worked for an intelligence agency for 18 years, accompanying spies as a guide, said a news report.
Female North Korean spies are usually only discovered long after they've carried out their global missions.
According to spokesperson, Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel carried out a carried out anti-terror raid and arrested two spies of Afghan intelligence, a day after Balochistan government claimed to have arrested six men of Afghan intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS).
Miniature cameras, the telephone, wireless devices, and computers have given spies capabilities never dreamed of before--and then came the Internet.
THE boss of MI5 has written a letter to school children who asked him how they could become spies.
Bug detector This nifty piece of kit means the tables can be turned on spies. It detects hidden bugs so that you can eliminate the risk of unwanted eavesdroppers.
American Spies: Espionage Against the United States from the Cold War to the Present is a methodical, well-researched, and utterly fascinating analysis of spies who discovered and sold American secrets to foreign powers, from 1950 onward.