spigot joint

bell-and-spigot joint, bell-and-socket joint, spigot-and-socket joint

bell-and-spigot joint
A connection between two sections of pipe, the straight spigot end of one section is inserted in the flared-out end of the adjoining section; the joint is sealed by a caulking compound or with a compressible ring.
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Maxx exceeds existing HDPE pipe performance by offering RPE (Reinforced Polyethylene), an innovative process to introduce steel ribbing in the pipe resulting in higher strength, durability and flow rates in a watertight bell and spigot joint system.
Produced in accordance with AWWA C300, this pipe consists of a steel cylinder with bell and spigot joint rings welded at each end and one or more cages of steel reinforcing around the cylinder.
TerraBrute's standard bell and spigot joint uses the same gasket and bell design that city staff and contractors are familiar with, and even has removable gaskets in case oil resistant (nitrile) gaskets.
diameters are obtainable also for repairing clean breaks in cast iron pipe, for pin-hole leaks or for replacing mechanical couplings that are leaking, or for stopping bell and spigot joint leaks.
For this reason, smaller distribution systems in America often require ductile iron pipe (DIP) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with bell and spigot joints as their standard.
Both 6-inch cast-iron-lined extracted jointed segments included stiff cement bell and spigot joints that were resistant to bending deformations.
Bell and spigot joints developed in 1785 are still in use.
SW Umwelttechnik will be delivering bell and spigot joints, and jacking pipes worth EUR 400,000 for a surface water drainage project in Dunakeszi, Hungary.
A classy spec includes silicon carbide line guides for smooth casting, spigot joints, an X-wrap shrink tube handle grip and UK coasters.
When possible, fittings were supplied with flush bell and spigot joints that mated to the bell-spigot joints on the adjacent sliplined reaches.
Hranicka won for his development of the cast iron joint sealing robot (CISBOT) used to detect gas leaks and to repair cast iron bell and spigot joints.
Features include a matt finish, silicon carbide (SIC) line guides, spigot joints, graphite reel seat, line clip and X-Wrap shrink tube handle for real grip.